Homemade Skin and Hair Recipes


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You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive cosmetics that contain abrasive, cancerogenic and sometimes toxic ingredients in hopes to look young and beautiful.  Everything you really need to achieve results is right there in your fridge.  Nature has given us some very powerful tools to help our bodies be strong and healthy.  There is no need for synthetic, artificial products created in labs.  Every fruit, every vegetable and every herb contains just as many useful qualities as any product on the cosmetics counter, minus the negative effects of chemicals.

Browse through my site using the links in the Table Of Contents to find many age old recipes for maintaining beautiful hair and skin.  I always look for easy to make recipes that use ingredients available at any home.  You will not have to go spend any extra money and will not need to spend hours cooking up some weird concoctions.  

You may also find advice on how to change your lifestyle to promote healthy body.

So please browse around and pick whatever you like.  Please come back and share your results by signing my guestbook.  I would love to hear what people like and dislike about my recipes.  

General Skin Care Advice

  • Wash your face twice a day to remove makup, impurities and daily buildup.  This will ensure your pores are not clogged. 
  • Use sunscreen and moisturizer daily!  Even if you feel your skin doesn't need it today, as you age, you will slowly realize how much your skin craves that moisture.  
  • Before applying any masks or facial treatments, clean your face thoroughly.  If you have dry skin use non-soap cleansers (I personally really like Cetaphil Cleansing Bar).  It will not strip off oils from your skin. 
  • A facial steam is also recommended before starting any facial treatment.  It will open up your pores and relax your face which in turn will improve the effectiveness of the treatment to follow. 
  • Use tap water or add herbs of your choice, bring it to boil, remove from heat and let the herbs steep for about 5 min.  Place your face over the steam about 8"-10" away from the pot.  You may use a towel over your head to prevent too much steam from escaping.
  • You can browse my ingredients page to pick the right herbs for your skin type to use in a steam.
  • If you have dry skin, your should steam it for 5-10 min.  For oily skin, the steam application can last up to 15 min.  You will quickly see the results of any mask magnify significantly when applied after a steam. 
  • Once done with any face treatment, don't forget to follow with a moisturizing cream.

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